5x5x5 = Creativity

Pitton Pre-school was fortunate to be part of the 5x5x5 Research Initiative from 2005 to 2008.


The 5x5x5 initiative aims to demonstrate ways in which creativity and innovation can be fostered in and with young children. 5x5x5 focusses on exploring children researching and representing the world together, with adults supporting them.

The initiative centres around an early years setting working in partnership with an artist and a cultural centre. We were able to collaborate with Salisbury Arts Centre and James Aldridge, a visual artist, with a wealth of experience in running creative projects for all ages and needs.

The children's initial fascination with light, shadow and enclosures gave us a starting point from which to develop their learning, in a creative, imaginative way.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
 Albert Einstein

Two visits to Salisbury Arts Centre provided the focus for the children's explorations later in the term.

"creativity is about connecting the previously unconnected in ways which are meaningful for the individual" (Duffy, 1998)

These experiences and the children's subsequent interests and activities at pre-school provided valuable opportunities for the children to;

  • respond creatively and imaginatively
  • explore and investigate
  • make relationships between different areas of learning
  • consolidate their learning
  • extend their ideas, thought processes, concentration and persistence.

It provided the artist and educators with plenty of opportunities to;

  • reflect upon and evaluate the individual and group learning journeys of the children
  • evaluate our own provision
  • reflect upon our own professional practice
  • value, and celebrate, the different perspectives of children, parents, artists and educators.
"Creativity is fundamental to successful learning. Being creative enables children to make connections between one area of their learning and another and so extend their understanding" The Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage p116
"We could make a big picture, but we could make different parts. We're making a whole world", Emily

An exhibition of the pre-school's involvement in 5x5x5, took place during May 2006 at Salisbury Arts Centre, and our findings and those of the other 24 settings taking part in this initiative, were reported at a conference at the Michael Tippet Centre, Bath Spa University College on 16th June 2006. We are delighted to have been involved during 2006/2007, again presenting some of the gems of our involvement at a conference in June 2007.

If you would like to find out more about the pre-school's involvement in 5x5x5=Creativity, please contact Carrie@pittonpreschool.com


Further information on the 5x5x5 initiative and our collaborators please visit

5x5x5 = Creativity:         www.5x5x5creativity.org.uk

Sightlines Initiative:        www.sightlines-initiative.com

Salisbury Arts Centre:     www.wiltshirecreative.co.uk

James Aldridge (Artist):   www.jamesaldridge-artist.co.uk